First WWW flyer

I have what I think is the first A4 leaflet produced by Tim, that my wife brought back from Hypertext 91′ in San-Antonio Texas (a conf she attended as a Digital engineer working on their own hypertext of that time, called Memex, integrated in DecWindows).

It has on one side a variation of the “Web bus” drawing and on the other side the text from the usenet announce from Aug 91

I put a scan online

4 Responses to First WWW flyer

  1. Max Froumentin says:

    Thanks Daniel. I wonder if she recognised the importance of that piece of paper ;)

    The proceedings of Hypertext ’91 appear to be online, but all the links are broken, unfortunately.

  2. Daniel Dardailler says:

    I saved it from trashness years ago as she was cleaning up old office boxes. It’s now on display in a protective transparent plastic folder in my office in Sophia.

  3. Shane Hudson says:

    Wonderful find, who could have imagined all of this when they saw that brochure!

  4. Dan Brickley says:

    Nice :)

    I’ve been digging around /History/ these last few years, and have seen some of the source files up there. I’m not sure yet exactly what’s what; it would be good to catalogue things.

    e.g. has EPS of that slide.

    Also has some interesting things in it.

    In general it’s hard for non-W3C team to poke around these dirs; the top level listing isn’t always available and robots.txt excludes crawlers. There are hacks like using URLs such as*,access* to see file lists, but it’s not ideal. Perhaps a complete listing could be shared?

    In the hype.tar.Z file, see ./hypertext/Conferences/HT91 folder for related fragments…

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