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RSP F2F Meeting: discussions

Last week we had a successful F2F meeting in Sydney.

Thanks to those who could make it, and to those who tried their best to follow it online (sorry about technical difficulties). We had a nice set of slides by Oscar introducing the Group, as a keynote in the OrdRing workshop:

Then, during the meeting itself we mainly discussed about the group scope, what might be in and out of our reach, and what we consider an RDF stream. I tried my best to summarize the discussions in the wiki:

In summary we got interesting comments from people involved in precedent W3C working groups. I will be proposing soon the dates for next telecons, which will be targeting the definition of key concepts we should agree on.

Keep tuned!

Collecting use cases: contribute your RDF Stream processing Use Case

As discussed in our last Telcon, we are collecting use cases from members of the group and associated parties, and we propose to have a short description of them in our W3C Group wiki. We have created a template that you can use to provide the description of your use case.

Of course if there is more relevant information you wish to provide, don’t hesitate to do so.

Thanks for your contribution!

Just started the RDF Stream Processing Community Group

This group will be working towards a spec that defines RDF extensions for streaming data, including modeling, querying, syntax, semantics, and service interfaces. In short we will send a poll for the first phone calls in September, just to get things started.

Thanks everyone for the support and helping to kickstart this initiative.