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Requirements and Changelog for Improving the Accessibility of Your Web Site

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Changelog from first publication

Changes 14 November 2011

Changes 11 April 2006

About Improving the Accessibility of Your Web Site

(formally titled "Retrofitting Web Sites for Accessibility")

Purpose, Goals, Objectives

Audience for this Document




Changes & Notes

Note: See "References" section above for meeting minutes and e-mail comments.

Notes from 2 Mar 2006 Meeting and Followup

See EOWG f2f Minutes 2 March 2006

Notes from 27 Feb 2006 Meeting and Followup

See also: EOWG minutes 27 February 2006 and the version with notes from meeting [in brackets mostly]

Notes from 24 Feb 2006

See also: EOWG minutes 24 February 2006

Notes from 27 Jan 2006

See also: EOWG minutes 27 January 2006

Notes from 13 Dec 2005


  1. Publish first version with general guidance only
  2. Consider doing second version with some detailed guidance -- that is, list of issues to address without much supporting info
  3. Once supporting info is available from WCAG 2.0, update to point to it

Notes from discussion:

Notes from 17 June 2005

From discussions on the version of 15 June 2005.

[open] provide more guidance for immediate "fire fighting"
often retrofitting will happen upon an urgent customer request or other high priority incidents, this document can serve as guidance on what steps to take in such cases.

Notes from 20 May 2005

From discussions on the version of 7 October 2004.

[done] address overlap with implementation plan
Overlap of the approach (and hence content) with the document "Implementation Plan for Web Accessibility"
[done] address overlap with selection eval/author tools
Overlap of the content with section 2. "Considerations for Selecting Web Accessibility Evaluation Tools" of the document "Selecting Web Accessibility Evaluation Tools".

Archive Notes

Timeline Approach Notes

intro: positing this in a sequence, provide context - retrofitting is something that relies on information that comes out of an evalaution. perhaps you already have an eval report, or perhaps that's something you need to line up

note the wai report template includes"[recommended priorities for addressing inaccessible features of site]" & "[provide recommendations for addressing non-conformant checkpoints]"

  1. status check
    • what do you have? what are teh gaps?
  2. step back
    • why screwed UP? systemic
    • people questions, expertise
  3. midway through
    • test & get feedback partway
  4. followup

From previous version of requirements

Audience for this document

Primary audiences: Web project managers, quality assurance managers, service procurers

Secondary audience: Web developers (programmers, designers, content authors, etc) who want to comply with Web accessibility standards


Highlight prerequisites such as role identification, policy development, and assessment. See Implementation Plan for Web Accessibility for similar approach.

Describe different strategies and methods for retrofitting Web sites