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[Draft] Web Accessibility and Older Users

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Many older people have age-related impairments that can affect how they use the Web, such as declining:

These issues overlap with the accessibility needs of people with disabilities. Thus, websites and tools that are accessible to people with disabilities are more accessible to older users as well.

Older users are an increasing market segment and an important target group for many businesses, governments, and other organizations.


The following resources address various aspects web accessibility related to web users who are older and the overlap with web users who have disabilities.

The following resources addressing different aspects of web accessibility include information directly related to older web users.

WAI-AGE Project

Web Accessibility Initiative: Ageing Education and Harmonisation (WAI-AGE) is a European Commission IST Specific Support Action with the goal of increasing accessibility of the Web for older people as well as for people with disabilities in European Union Member States. It focuses on:

To learn more about the WAI-AGE project, see the WAI-AGE Project page, which includes: