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Indie UI Overview

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Independent User Interface (Indie UI) is a way for user actions to be communicated to web applications. Indie UI will make it easier for web applications to work in a wide range of contexts — different devices, different assistive technologies (AT), different user needs.

Illustration of 4 scroll down user actions (described in the main content) going into a filter labeled IndieUI Events. Under filter is 'scrollrequest(x/y)', and an arrow pointing to it from a Web App.

For example, if a user wants to scroll down a page, they might use their finger on a touch screen, or click a scroll bar with a mouse, or use a scroll wheel, or press Page Down on a keyboard, or say "scroll down" with a voice command. All those different user actions can be translated into a simple IndieUI scroll event. (Specifically, scrollrequest(x/y), as shown in the illustration.)

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Indie UI will allow web application developers to get these events from different devices without having to recognize how the user performed the action. With Indie UI, AT will have a simple set of events to control web applications, and web application developers will have a uniform way to design applications that work for multiple devices and contexts.

The Indie UI Documents

Indie UI will include the following two technical specifications:

These are explained in more detail in the Current Work section of the Indie UI Working Group page.

Who develops Indie UI

The Indie UI technical documents are developed by the Independent User Interface Task Force, which is a joint task force of the Web Events Working Group and Independent User Interface Working Group (Indie UI WG). The Indie UI WG is part of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI).

How WAI Develops Accessibility Guidelines through the W3C Process: Milestones and Opportunities to Contribute describes formal periods for public review. To get announcements of opportunities for review and comment of WAI documents, see Getting WAI announcements. An email address for sending comments is included in the "Status of this Document" sections.

Opportunities for contributing to Indie UI and other WAI work are introduced in Participating in WAI.