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Redesigned WAI Site Map Image [status: in progress]

Version: 2004.04.10
Note: This Web page is a working draft and should not be referenced or quoted under any circumstances.


The image below shows the proposed relationship between the guidelines, intro pages, and working group pages. Note that the diagram does not show all documents.

pages connected with arrows, described below

DRAFT Description of Image

Description: box and arrows showing links.

Along left are three boxes:

  1. Guidelines Resources (colored yellow to indicate page of annotated links)
  2. Getting Started (colored yellow to indicate page of annotated links)
  3. About WAI (colored teal to indicate introduction page)

Each box along the left is linked to additional boxes:

  1. Guidelines Resources links to:
  2. Getting Started links to:
  3. About WAI links to:
  4. Other links:

Document Information

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