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Profiles of card sorting participants

participant ID user group technical (e.g., knows HTML)

Web accessibility

experience with/use of WAI site organization type notes conductor
1 Web “coder”/technical developer high low low     carol

Internet or intranet site manager
educator including accessibility in courses

 medium medium medium     carol
3 Web interaction designer, usability specialist, application designer group   high high     carol
4   high medium-high low university   charmane
5   low low never university   charmane
6 WAI WG member       university   charmane

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Card Sorting Participant 1
The first participant is a female with a UNIX Admin background so she is very technical. She only recently started hearing about accessibility. She is aware of ALT tags, but that's about it. She had been to the W3C site, but wasn't really familiar with WAI as much (couldn't find what she needed when she visited). She is representative of #2 Web “coder”/technical developer
Card Sorting Participant 2
The second woman has been doing web development of larger news sites for a couple of years and is much more user focused with a good understanding of WCAG and accessibility in general. She has been to the WAI site and is a usability specialist. I would say she is representative of #8 Internet or intranet site manager as she's managed and developed very large sites or of #21 educator (including accessibility in courses) as she teaches an HCI course. HCI background.
Card Sorting Participant 3
The third is a male, very familiar with the W3C site in general and with WAI. He is also a web developer and of the three the most familiar with various technologies and accessibility needs. I would include him in the #3 Web interaction designer, usability specialist, application designer group. HCI background.
Card Sorting Participant 4
Male professor. He is an accessibility advocate both in his college and at the university level on an advisory committee. He is rather technologically savvy. He is familiar with W3C and WAI but not real familiar with the WAI website. HCI background.
Card Sorting Participant 5
Female executive staff assistant and office manager for one of the university vice presidents. She is aware of accessibility issues and the university initiatives but is not familiar with WAI and has never seen the WAI site. As far as I know has not created any web pages.
Card Sorting Participant 6
Female WAI/EOWG member, academic accessibility consultant/adviser, involved in writing guidelines, life long student, web consultant/web designer, web project leader, etc.

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