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Requirements for Overview Pages for WAI Site

Version: 2004.10.16

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Purpose of overview pages

The purpose of the Overview pages is to provide:

Note: One motivation for the Overview pages is that we can't change or add anything to the Technical Report pages, which are the guidelines, techniques, and such (under www.w3.org/TR/). For example, we cannot add navigation. The Overview pages for the guidelines and slides are to meet issues that usability testing confirmed, including:

Audience for overview pages

The audience for the text of the Overview pages are people who are new to the topic. This includes people who are brand new to Web accessibility overall, or are familiar with one area of accessibility and not others (e.g., they know WCAG but not UAAG or ATAG). Therefore, it is particularly important that the Overview pages:

A second primary audience for the Overview pages is people navigating to the documents. Therefore, it must also be easy to get to the document links without having to wade through all the text.

Format for overview pages

The basic format for most overview pages is:

Planned overview pages

The following are basically cover pages for W3C Technical Report documents and navigation pages to related documents:

The following would follow a similar format:

Document Information

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