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Change Log: WAI Online Overview Introduction

This page records change requests and changes made to the draft WAI resource suite WAI Online Overview Introduction. Please send additions or corrections to wai-eo-editors@w3.org.

Editor: Charmane Corcoran. Last updated on $Date: 2004/07/12 20:04:13 $ by $Author: shawn $

About the WAI Online Overview of Web Accessibility Introduction


The purpose of this page is to introduce the HTML slide set, Online Overview of the Web Accessibility Initiative. The slide set is an introduction to the Web Accessibility Initiative and to web accessibility in general.



This page will provide a page to launch the Online Overview of the Web Accessibility slide show and related pages. The related pages were not easily reached in the past and this will consolidate the pages in one location. It also puts the directions on how to use the slides outside of the slide set the convenience of the user.

Requested Changes from May 24, 2004

Removed logo from the top of the Intro page.

When the Intro page is implemented on the web, a link should be added to the intro page in the first slide, Slide 2 should be deleted, and the bottom paragraph of Slide 1 should be removed.

Requested Changes from May 10, 2004

The infinitival discussion and natural inclination would be to remove the first two slides so that the information on the intro page would not appear to be duplicated in the slide. However, this poses a problem for those who would use these slides as an independent set as a presentation at a conference or a meeting. Since this is a dual use for the slide set, the slide set will be temporarily be held in tack pending discussion by the WSTF.

[Done] Changes from May 15-16, 2004

Link added to the slide show in the first sentence.

Added link to the file that lists all the "slides" in one HTML page -

Followed this sentence with "The slides will help answer..." with the
questions in bullets.

Removed link from title.

Removed link from author.

Removed footer section that replicated the slide format.

@@ need proper footer