Appendix H. References


H.1 Normative references

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Available at
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Available at
Specific topics:
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Specific topics:
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Available at ???.
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Available at Note that this RFC obsoletes RFC1521, RFC1522, and RFC1590.
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Specific topics:
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Specific topics:
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The latest version of Unicode. For more information, consult the Unicode Consortium's home page at For bidirectionality, see also the corrigenda at
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Available at (The term "URI-reference" is defined in Section 4: URI References.)
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H.2 Informative references

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Available at The Recommendation defines three document type definitions: Strict, Transitional, and Frameset, all reachable from the Recommendation.
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Home page for Web Accessibility Initiative:
"WAI Accesibility Guidelines: Page Authoring" for designing accessible documents are available at:
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