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ISSUE-167 (edit) RAISED Should text-shadow support a spread radius 2011-03-02 CSS4 Text 0
ISSUE-168 (edit) RAISED Lots of hyphenation properties 2011-03-02 CSS4 Text 0
ISSUE-174 (edit)
RAISED Should text-shadow support inset 2011-03-07 CSS4 Text 0
ISSUE-228 (edit) RAISED Rename text-wrap: none to text-wrap: nowrap 2012-03-10 CSS4 Text 0
ISSUE-241 (edit) RAISED last-line-length 2012-04-21 CSS4 Text 0
ISSUE-267 (edit) RAISED text-fill or something 2012-06-30 CSS4 Text 0
ISSUE-272 (edit) RAISED text-underline-width / text-underline-offset 2012-07-31 CSS4 Text 0
ISSUE-280 (edit) RAISED copyfit text 2012-10-04 CSS4 Text 0
ISSUE-293 (edit) RAISED character based alignment ambiguously defined 2012-12-04 CSS4 Text 0
ISSUE-330 (edit) RAISED Allow custom line-breaking indicators 2013-05-11 CSS4 Text 0
ISSUE-331 (edit) RAISED text-outline 2013-05-11 CSS4 Text 0
ISSUE-332 (edit) RAISED More control over deleting white space 2013-05-11 CSS4 Text 0

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