Internet Society Reconfirms Support for W3C Open Web Platform with Donation

17 November 2010 | Archive

In its continuing efforts to foster an open Internet ecosystem, the Internet Society today announced a 1M USD donation to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). This donation, the second installment of the Internet Society's 2009 pledge of 2.5M USD over three years, will support the evolution of W3C as an organization that creates open Web standards. "The W3C is a key member of the ecosystem of organizations that supports the continued development, operation, and use of the open, global Internet," said Raúl Echeberría, Chair of the Internet Society Board of Trustees. ISOC and W3C have closely aligned views and strongly support the ongoing evolution of open Internet as an invaluable platform for innovation. Read more in the press release and FAQ about ISOC and W3C.

HTML5 Web Messaging Draft Published

19 November 2010 | Archive

The Web Applications Working Group has published the First Public Working Draft of HTML5 Web Messaging. This specification defines two mechanisms for communicating between browsing contexts in HTML documents. Cross document messaging allows documents to communicate with each other regardless of their source domain, in a way designed to not enable cross-site scripting attacks. Channel messaging allows independent pieces of code (e.g. running in different browsing contexts) to communicate directly. Learn more about the Rich Web Client Activity.

Timed Text Markup Language (TTML) 1.0 is a W3C Recommendation

18 November 2010 | Archive

The Timed Text Working Group has published a W3C Recommendation of Timed Text Markup Language (TTML) 1.0. TTML 1.0 provides a standardized representation of a particular subset of textual information with which stylistic, layout, and timing semantics are associated by an author or an authoring system for the purpose of interchange and potential presentation. Learn more about the Video in the Web Activity.

First Draft of A Direct Mapping of Relational Data to RDF Published

18 November 2010 | Archive

The RDB2RDF Working Group has published the First Public Working Draft of A Direct Mapping of Relational Data to RDF. The need to share data with collaborators motivates custodians and users of relational databases (RDB) to expose relational data on the Web of Data. This document defines a direct mapping from relational data to RDF. This definition provides extension points for refinements within and outside of this document. Learn more about the Semantic Web Activity.

Last Call: WOFF File Format 1.0

16 November 2010 | Archive

The WebFonts Working Group has published a Last Call Working Draft of WOFF File Format 1.0. This document specifies a simple compressed file format for fonts, designed primarily for use on the Web and known as WOFF (Web Open Font Format). WOFF provides lightweight, easy-to-implement compression of font data, suitable for use with CSS style sheets. WOFF is a container format or "wrapper" for font data in already-existing formats rather than an actual font format in its own right. Comments are welcome through 14 December. Learn more about the Fonts Activity.

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