ISSUE-45: Default ignorable code points

Default ignorable code points

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Richard Ishida
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The HTML specification should require user agents to implement the Unicode spec re Default Ignorable Code Points (Unicode Standard version 5.2, Chapter 5 (, section 5.21), including never displaying the directional formatting characters (LRM, RLM, LRE, RLE, LRO, RLO, and PDF) inappropriately (e.g. as empty boxes or advance widths) even if the underlying platform does not handle them properly. In particular, this must be the case for script dialog text, page titles, and tooltips.

Currently, directional formatting characters are most often displayed inappropriately in these context, since user agents mostly rely on the operating system to display the text in these contexts correctly, which does not happen because most LTR users' machines do not have RTL characters support installed. As a result, web applications are unable to use directional formatting characters around LTR text to make sure it is displayed correctly in an RTL context, since doing so will make it display incorrectly in the far more common LTR context.

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