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ACTION-764 (edit) open Check if unicode describes backwards deletion clearly and develop doc if not Addison Phillips 2018-10-30
ACTION-1094 (edit) open Start conversation with ecma-402 et al about webidl work Addison Phillips 2021-11-11
ACTION-1109 (edit) open Remind shepherds to tend to their awaiting comment resolutions Addison Phillips 2022-01-27
ACTION-1134 (edit) open Create pr against canvas formatted text Addison Phillips 2022-04-07
ACTION-1152 (edit) open Set up tpac calls for tue/thurs at usual times and corresponding wiki pages Addison Phillips 2022-05-26
ACTION-1153 (edit) open Review wot-discovery and our comment #1522 for service name restrictions in iana John Klensin 2022-05-26
ACTION-1154 (edit) open Look into unicode support in ecma-262 as referenced by wot-description Fuqiao Xue 2022-06-02
ACTION-1155 (edit) open Make review of manifest document (add link) homework Addison Phillips 2022-06-02

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