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Open actions not associated to any issue

Action Items Pending Review

There are 0 pending review actions.

Overdue action items

There are 7 overdue actions.

ID State Title Person Due Date Associated with
ACTION-764 (edit) open Check if unicode describes backwards deletion clearly and develop doc if not Addison Phillips 2018-10-30
ACTION-1109 (edit) open Remind shepherds to tend to their awaiting comment resolutions Addison Phillips 2022-01-27
ACTION-1134 (edit) open Create pr against canvas formatted text Addison Phillips 2022-04-07
ACTION-1164 (edit) open Respond to string-search#10 Addison Phillips 2022-07-07
ACTION-1173 (edit) open Raise gap report on nnbsp issue in french Richard Ishida 2022-07-28
ACTION-1176 (edit) open Draft changes to allow 'auto' in string/document metadata for consideration by wg Addison Phillips 2022-08-04
ACTION-1177 (edit) open Publish string-meta to tr after finishing style edits Addison Phillips 2022-08-04

Action items due next week

There are 3 upcoming actions.

ID State Title Person Due Date Associated with
ACTION-1178 (edit) open Merge useful bits from i18n-html-tech-lang to ltli and prep i18n-html for deprecation Addison Phillips 2022-08-11
ACTION-1179 (edit) open Publish updated vertical-text article Richard Ishida 2022-08-11
ACTION-1180 (edit) open Update webshare#152 with our consensus Addison Phillips 2022-08-11

Issues discussed over the last week

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