ISSUE-185: Line terminator assumptions

Line terminator assumptions

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Addison Phillips
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8. Section 3. The reference to #xA; is making some assumptions about line terminators

Don't make assumptions about line terminator characters. You should either define the line termination scheme explicitly or you should allow for platform dependent line terminators.

An example of two identical triples containing literal objects containing newlines, written in plain and long literal forms. Assumes that line feeds in this document are #xA. (example3.ttl)
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We also had this comment:

11. Section 6.2. Says in part this: "continue to the end of line (marked by characters U+000D or U+000A)" which again makes assumptions about line terminators. Should there be a rule for line termination? Such as this?

Addison Phillips, 7 Sep 2012, 15:43:07

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