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Internationalization Techniques:
Using the web browser

This page lists links to resources on the W3C Internationalization Activity site and elsewhere that help you understand how to use multilngual aspects of your browser. It is one of several techniques pages.

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Checking the character encoding of an HTTP header

How to's


Setting & changing browser language preferences

How to's
Useful reference links
  • Find out what Accept-Language information is actually being sent by your browser. (Run the checker on any page, then in the Information panel, look under Request Headers > Accept-Language.)

  • User friendly interface to IANA's language tag registry by Richard Ishida. Provides for checking of subtags as well as lookup. Up-to-date with latest version of BCP 47.

Web addresses

Using non-English characters in web addresses

Background information

Contact: Richard Ishida (ishida@w3.org).

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