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ACTION-364 (edit) open Add paragraph in intro that summarizes changes from ttml1 (comment from tm) Glenn Adams 2015-04-17 TTML2
ACTION-383 (edit) open Missing XML declaration Glenn Adams 2015-04-30 TTML 1.0
ACTION-384 (edit) open Ensure consistency in ttml2 w.r.t. inline progression dimension vs direction Glenn Adams 2015-04-16 TTML2
ACTION-385 (edit) open Remove stereoleft and stereoright from <bound-parameter> Glenn Adams 2015-04-17 TTML2
ACTION-386 (edit) open Investigate whether region style inheritance from tt is necessary given the ability to redefine initial values Glenn Adams 2015-04-17 TTML2
ACTION-399 (edit) open Review disposition text for inline space/ipd for smpte Glenn Adams 2015-04-23
ACTION-394 (edit) open Determine who is responsible for putting together the dispositions of comments document and get a schedule from them. Courtney Kennedy 2015-04-17 WebVTT 1.0
ACTION-365 (edit) open Review change proposal 21 in the light of closure of issue-229. Pierre-Anthony Lemieux 2015-03-26
ACTION-387 (edit) open Collate list of potential implementors of imsc 1. Pierre-Anthony Lemieux 2015-04-17 TTML 1.0 Test Suite
ACTION-392 (edit) open Tweak the examples with multiple regions so that they appear in a more intuitive order. Pierre-Anthony Lemieux 2015-04-17 TTML 1.0 Test Suite
ACTION-397 (edit) open Prepare cr2 transition version (after closing one remaining issue on imsc 1) Pierre-Anthony Lemieux 2015-04-17 TTML IMSC 1.0
ACTION-393 (edit) open Send pal details of implementation and tests passed so he can create a table in the implementation report Nigel Megitt 2015-04-17 TTML 1.0 Test Suite
ACTION-388 (edit) open Start preparing the imsc 1 implementation report form. Thierry Michel 2015-04-17 TTML 1.0 Test Suite
ACTION-395 (edit) open Chase the accessibility wg for a date for getting webvtt feedback Thierry Michel 2015-04-17 WebVTT 1.0
ACTION-396 (edit) open Produce evidence of request for wide review for webvtt, for the archive David Singer 2015-04-17 WebVTT 1.0
ACTION-389 (edit) open Check with ebu group if we can have a combined event at ibc with ebu group and imsc/w3c Andreas Tai 2015-04-17
ACTION-398 (edit) open Contact erik lindstrom re htmlcue Andreas Tai 2015-04-17

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