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ACTION-234 (edit) open Explore box-decoration-break in response to issue-286 Glenn Adams 2014-04-01
ACTION-236 (edit) open Review consistent use of "root temporal extent" in both ttml 2 and ttml 1 se Glenn Adams 2014-04-01
ACTION-285 (edit) open Implement proposed errata in issue-304 Glenn Adams 2014-05-01 Non-Standard Unqualified Attributes
ACTION-286 (edit) open Send an email to public-tt describing the ttv hosting site at w3c Glenn Adams 2014-05-01
ACTION-287 (edit) open Elaborate on wording in §4 on namespace extension in ttml2 and as an errata to ttml1 Glenn Adams 2014-05-08
ACTION-290 (edit) open Describe the history for how we got to the signalling needed for mpeg that came from dece for issue-305. Mike Dolan 2014-05-29
ACTION-295 (edit) open Socialise the geneva f2f meeting amongst the webvtt community David Singer 2014-06-05
ACTION-298 (edit) open Either proscribe or define semantics on specifying both @extends and @restricts on a ttp:{feature,ext3ension} Glenn Adams 2014-06-12
ACTION-304 (edit) open Assign priorities to change proposals owned by glenn Glenn Adams 2014-07-24
ACTION-305 (edit) open Assign priorities to change proposals owned by pal Pierre-Anthony Lemieux 2014-07-24
ACTION-307 (edit) open Assign priorities to change proposals owned by mdolan Mike Dolan 2014-07-24

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