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ISSUE-21 [window anchor points] (closed)
  • 2014-12-18 15:17:23:
    *Status changed to 'closed'
ISSUE-229 [Mixed progression] (open)
ISSUE-236 [Character spacing] (closed)
  • 2014-12-18 15:20:25:
    *Status changed to 'closed'
ISSUE-237 [Inline space] (closed)
  • 2014-12-18 15:21:38:
    *Status changed to 'closed'
ISSUE-244 [m608:channel] (pending review)
ISSUE-245 [m608:fieldStart] (pending review)
ISSUE-246 [smpte:information@programName] (pending review)
ISSUE-247 [smpte:information@programType] (pending review)
ISSUE-248 [smpte:information@contentAdvisory] (pending review)
ISSUE-249 [smpte:information@captionService] (pending review)
ISSUE-250 [smpte:information@copyAndRedistributionControl] (pending review)
ISSUE-273 [fontFamily-URI] (pending review)
ISSUE-285 [multiRowAlign] (pending review)
ISSUE-286 [rowPadding] (pending review)
ISSUE-289 [ebu:documentAspectRatio] (pending review)
ISSUE-290 [Active Format Descriptor] (pending review)
ISSUE-291 [ebuttm:documentIntendedTargetBarData] (pending review)
ISSUE-292 [ebu:documentIntendedTargetFormat] (pending review)
ISSUE-294 [Shrink text to fit on a line] (pending review)
ISSUE-357 [horizontal in vertical] (closed)
  • 2014-12-18 16:32:41:
    *<Glenn Adams> Status changed to 'closed'
    *<Glenn Adams> Duplicate of ISSUE-229
ISSUE-359 [kerning] (raised)
  • 2014-12-18 16:18:58:
    *<Glenn Adams> Created issue 'Add support for font kerning enable/disable' nickname kerning owned by Glenn Adams on product TTML2, description 'A common Japanese subtitling system allows the author to specify that kerning should be enabled or disabled. The CSS3 Fonts Module defines a font-kerning CSS property to do just this. To resolve, propose adding a tts:fontKerning attribute with values auto|normal|none, with initial value of 'auto', where 'auto' means kerning is applied at discretion of presentation processor, 'normal' means kerning is applied (if kerning data available), and 'none' means not applied (whether or not kerning data is available).

    See also ACTION-362.' non-public


ACTION-332: Glenn Adams to Add schema support for ISD vocabulary (open)
ACTION-343: Glenn Adams to Update point (1) of section 3.1 in ttml2 to refer to a new annex that defines new processorprofiles mime type parameter (open)
ACTION-347: Glenn Adams to Check if timecontainer explicitly has no semantics with timebase smpte, markermode discontinuous (open)
ACTION-355: Glenn Adams to Resolve duplication between issue-357 and issue-229 (pending review)
  • 2014-12-18 16:33:14:
    * <Glenn Adams> Status changed to 'pending review'
    * <Glenn Adams> Closed ISSUE-357 as duplicate of ISSUE-229.
ACTION-358: Pierre-Anthony Lemieux to Draft response to itu-r liaison re imsc 1 questions. (open)
ACTION-359: Thierry Michel to Draft a message re imsc 1 cr test suite and implementation and a list of bodies to send it to. (closed)
  • 2014-12-18 15:12:39:
    * Status changed to 'closed'
ACTION-360: Nigel Megitt to Send liaison request on behalf of w3c ttwg to arib (open)
ACTION-361: Philippe Le Hégaret to Update liaisons table to include arib (open)
ACTION-362: Glenn Adams to Raise an issue for font-kerning in ttml2 (pending review)
  • 2014-12-18 15:20:06:
    * Created action 'Raise an issue for font-kerning in ttml2' assigned to Glenn Adams, due 2014-12-25
  • 2014-12-18 16:19:39:
    * <Glenn Adams> Status changed to 'pending review'
    * <Glenn Adams> ISSUE-359

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