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W3C: a Use Case for Web Technologies

Brisbane, Australia 2009-07-02

Klaus Birkenbihl, W3C


This talk is about:

The Web

After ~17 years in the wild the Web has changed and still develops in various directions:

Admitted: there might be different views on this

Requirements for the Web

Some demands in order to make the Web useful and successful:

It started pretty simple

Fairly simple, but most of the topics mentioned before where not yet addressed - except: it scaled!

Broadening the Basis

Even broader ...

The universal Web


Technologies stack

We cannot cover all. More on

Web applications

The web today

Cuurent web

Semantic Web

Cuurent web

How do we get there

Web Services

Mobile Web

Voice: the phone on the Web

Privacy and security

The Web live


Making Standards at W3C

A bit of History

 W3C history, see for more details Big picture

Some simple rules - great impact

Outline of the process

Some of our tools


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