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Congrats W3C

Hats-off to W3c in reaching this height of glory. Its the W3C which made the technical world to turn towards XML. Thank you. As Im working on XML, this change had helped me and many peolpe in many ways. Sure this success will continue.

Ramesh M remy_dca@yahoo.co.in, sent on 2008-02-14


I bet no one would have predicted that XML would have been this popular ten years ago. Congratulations, and I wish you another ten years of success!

Richard Y, sent on 2008-02-14

Best Practices for XML Internationalization Published

As if on queue, this document was

published today by the Internationalization Tag Set (ITS) Working Group.

"Best Practices for XML Internationalization"


_ Ian

Ian Jacobs ij@w3.org, sent on 2008-02-13


sent from our brand new APPLE

love from Mum & DAd

DAD conwaybl@aol.com, sent on 2008-02-13

Happy Birthday XML!

You've gotten more good work done and made more good work opportunities than any 10 year old I know. Wishing you no awkward parsing in the next ten years!

Janet Daly, sent on 2008-02-13

Thanks for Validations

I have begun using your validation services and icon when I get 100%. It

very much helps a new web designer.

Thanks for your effort.


Ray FLESHER RCFlesher@juno.com, sent on 2008-02-13

Real Life is too big for single-use documentation!

Pushing and stretching document content into structured form is like

kneading clay.

The manipulation involved may appear less than productive -- it may even temporarily show a document in a bad light! -- but it makes bubbles, lumps and unwanted particles come to the surface so that they can be eliminated, resulting in a smoother, more beautiful product.

Elisabeth Baker ElisabethBaker@users.sourceforge.net, sent on 2008-02-13

You Sure Look Good for Your Age!

Happy birthday, XML! Thanks so much to all of the many talented and dedicated contributors to XML technology from the "pre-historic" days of

1996 onwards!

I guess my Big Picture of the XML Family of specifications (http://kensall.com/big-picture/bigpix22.html) is long overdue for an update.

Kenneth Sall Kenneth.B.Sall@saic.com, sent on 2008-02-13

Very nice

XML is now days one of the human part is developing

Ravi sambandan ravi_sambamdan@hotmail.com, sent on 2008-02-13

Happy 10th Birthday

Fantastic work so far. Big congratulations!

Chan, sent on 2008-02-13

Greeting from Steven Pemberton

Here is an article which explained a lot to me; it is an interview

with Tim Bray, and includes a retrospective on some of the design



Steven Pemberton steven.pemberton@cwi.nl, sent on 2008-02-13

Happy CNY

Happy CNY

Terrence terrence@javacatz.com, sent on 2008-02-13


CONGRATULATION for the whole team those who worked for XML..


Muhammed Anees anees_muhd@yahoo.com, sent on 2008-02-13


I wish XML will be good internet language. I am celebrating 10 years of XML Language. I hope to receive free training software to learn XML. My official address: Md. Iqbal Ahmed, M.Sc., Lecturer, Incharge of Computer Science Department, N.G. College, Nalgonda - 508001 AP. India.

Iqbal Ahmed, Md. computerpro1311@yahoo.co.in, sent on 2008-02-13

Happy Birthday XML

Thank you for providing me with a way to make a living.

sent on 2008-02-13

Happy Birthday XML!

Congratulations. Make the Web a better.

Dominik Tomaszuk ddooss@wp.pl, sent on 2008-02-12

XML changed my life

I owe a lot to the XML community in 1996-2000 and Nico Adams has recorded

an interview in which I try to capture my memories of 1997-8

[Nico] ... the audiofile containing the XML anniversary interview with

Peter to our DSpace repository and you can download it from here:


It is in mp3, which every music player should be able to handle. Should, for whatever reason, something go wrong with DSpace, you can also download

the file from my bit of the web:


(click the arrow on the right to download).

It's about 50 minutes and is CC-BY

[And the first attempt to send this contained illegal fields - the DTD is clearly hard at work]

Peter Murray-Rust pm286@cam.ac.uk, sent on 2008-02-12

Now and then!!!

It's nice to know that you're making the web a better place for everyone. Keep up the good work!!!

Yony Leon info@noelmx.com, sent on 2008-02-12

Happy Birthday XML!

Congratulations on 10 years of "Xponential" growth thanks to XML --- from the team at Xconomy!

Wade Roush wroush@xconomy.com, sent on 2008-02-12

Tell us your XML story

We invite you to tell us your XML story as part of XML. I've seen a few

already that look interesting:

Tim Bray's "XML People"


Eve Maler's "XML at X; film at XI"


And from last November, Uche Ogbuji's "Thinking XML: The XML decade"


(part of a series of papers on XML):


Please send us URIs to video, blog entries, or articles on XML.

Thank you for helping to make XML a success.

_ Ian

Ian Jacobs ij@w3.org, sent on 2008-02-12