W3C Sponsorship Package for XML Tenth Anniversary

On 5 February, W3C will begin to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the publication of the first edition of XML 1.0 on 10 February 1998. W3C will mark the event with a press release, a thank you to the XML community, and testimonials from the W3C Membership. In addition, for the duration of 2008, W3C plans to:

This sponsorship package has been created to support W3C's activities around this celebration. Members have indicated that this sort of sponsorship opportunity is more interesting when available to a larger audience. We believe that distributing goodies with Member logos at public events for all of 2008 is responsive to this particular piece of input.

We therefore invite you to take advantage of this package and showcase your connection to XML. There is a single Sponsor Level: W3C XML10 Sponsor. To become a sponsor:

The deadline for sponsorships is 1 December 2008. However, please note that by then some of the benefits will no longer be relevant (namely the press release and production of goodies with logos on them).

Any Sponsorship money left over after paying for the XML10 goodies and video editing will be put in the general W3C budget.

Benefits (7500 USD / 5100 € or greater)

Note: Sponsor may choose name instead of logo wherever logo is mentioned.

Note: All W3C Members, not just sponsors, will be invited to submit a testimonial to accompany the 5 February press release.

Ian Jacobs, W3C Communications Team

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