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There are 105 closed issues listed in the system.

ID State Title Raised on Product
ISSUE-1 CLOSED DOM3EV: this object binding, etc. for addEventListener 2006-02-06 DOM 3 Events
ISSUE-2 CLOSED DOM3EV: Should the load event be dispatched for data: URIs 2006-02-07 DOM 3 Events
ISSUE-3 CLOSED DOM3EV: lexical Event.type checks 2006-02-07 DOM 3 Events
ISSUE-4 CLOSED DOM3EV: willTriggerNS with null parameters 2006-02-08 DOM 3 Events
ISSUE-5 CLOSED DOM3EV: hasEventListenerNS, et al. for non-DOM event listeners 2006-02-08 DOM 3 Events
ISSUE-6 CLOSED DOM3EV: namespaces compatibility issues 2006-02-08 DOM 3 Events
ISSUE-7 CLOSED DOM3EV: can MouseEvent.relatedTarget be null? 2006-02-10 DOM 3 Events
ISSUE-8 CLOSED DOM3EV: click when mouse if moved 2006-02-10 DOM 3 Events
ISSUE-9 CLOSED DOM3EV: Making 'click' more generic 2006-02-10 DOM 3 Events
ISSUE-10 CLOSED DOM3EV: Event attribute to specify the origin of the event 2006-02-11 DOM 3 Events
ISSUE-11 CLOSED DOM3EV: exposing possibly confidential event / event listener information 2006-02-11 DOM 3 Events
ISSUE-12 CLOSED DOM3EV: What's needed to support sXBL/XBL2? 2006-02-11 DOM 3 Events
ISSUE-13 CLOSED DOM3EV: ES objects with handleEvent method 2006-02-11 DOM 3 Events
ISSUE-14 CLOSED XHR: namespace of the readystatechange event 2006-02-11 XMLHttpRequest
ISSUE-15 CLOSED DOM3EV: error event definition 2006-02-11 DOM 3 Events
ISSUE-16 CLOSED DOM3EV: Some no-argument getter methods should be readonly attributes 2006-02-12 DOM 3 Events
ISSUE-17 CLOSED DOM3EV: Some new features should be either better justified or removed 2006-02-12 DOM 3 Events
ISSUE-18 CLOSED DOM3EV: to namespace or not to namespace 2006-02-12 DOM 3 Events
ISSUE-19 CLOSED DOM3EV: Missing events for show and hide 2006-02-13 DOM 3 Events
ISSUE-20 CLOSED DOM3EV: re-dispatching dirty event objects 2006-02-16 DOM 3 Events
ISSUE-21 CLOSED Should we use RFC 2119 keywords keywords consistently to state conformance requirements? 2006-02-16 All
ISSUE-22 CLOSED DOM3EV: Define what read-only means 2006-02-20 DOM 3 Events
ISSUE-25 CLOSED 300 responses for XMLhttpRequest - what to do 2006-02-22 XMLHttpRequest
ISSUE-26 CLOSED Should we keep event groups? 2006-02-23 DOM 3 Events
ISSUE-28 CLOSED Can we make focus/blur more generic 2006-02-24 DOM 3 Events
ISSUE-29 CLOSED how is uri parameter of the open() method resolved 2006-02-24 XMLHttpRequest
ISSUE-30 CLOSED mousewheel event 2006-02-24 DOM 3 Events
ISSUE-31 CLOSED invalid bytes and default character encoding 2006-02-24 XMLHttpRequest
ISSUE-34 CLOSED XHR: Should synchronous loading call onreadystatechange 2006-02-24 XMLHttpRequest
ISSUE-35 CLOSED DOM3EV: dispatchEvent vs event state (ISSUE-20 take two) 2006-03-05 DOM 3 Events
ISSUE-36 CLOSED DOMContentLoaded? 2006-03-05 DOM 3 Events
ISSUE-37 CLOSED Timers in window interface 2006-03-06 Window
ISSUE-38 CLOSED Window doesn't have alert/confirm/prompt 2006-03-08 Window
ISSUE-40 CLOSED DOM3EV: does dispatchEvent accept foreign Event objects? 2006-03-15 DOM 3 Events
ISSUE-41 CLOSED Does XMLHttpRequest have constants for readyState? No. 2006-03-17 XMLHttpRequest
ISSUE-42 CLOSED missing text for arguments and return values 2006-03-17 XMLHttpRequest
ISSUE-43 CLOSED change to "common baseline"? 2006-03-18 XMLHttpRequest
ISSUE-44 CLOSED XHR: Overloading in the IDL 2006-03-19 XMLHttpRequest
ISSUE-45 CLOSED DOM3EV: Let's drop HTML Events 2006-03-19 DOM 3 Events
ISSUE-46 CLOSED DOM3EV: createEvent case-(in)sensitive? 2006-03-19 DOM 3 Events
ISSUE-47 CLOSED responseText is not always accessible when readyState < 3 2006-03-20 XMLHttpRequest
ISSUE-48 CLOSED Partial Information when in Receiving state 2006-03-20 XMLHttpRequest
ISSUE-49 CLOSED DOM3EV: dblclick event 2006-03-22 DOM 3 Events
ISSUE-50 CLOSED Should capturing EventListeners registered on the target fire? 2006-03-23 DOM 3 Events
ISSUE-52 CLOSED DOM3EV: DOMTimeStamp - Number or Date in ES? 2006-03-27 DOM 3 Events
ISSUE-54 CLOSED non-issue regarding MouseEvent.button 2006-03-27 DOM 3 Events
ISSUE-55 CLOSED wheelDelta DOM attribute for mousewheel event 2006-03-27 DOM 3 Events
ISSUE-56 CLOSED horizontal and vertical wheeling 2006-03-27 DOM 3 Events
ISSUE-57 CLOSED DOM3EV: Attr mutation events optional? 2006-03-27 DOM 3 Events
ISSUE-58 CLOSED XMLHttpRequest.abort() should just reset the object 2006-04-03 XMLHttpRequest
ISSUE-59 CLOSED Should Window 1.0 include history? 2006-04-03 Window
ISSUE-60 CLOSED Should Window Object 1.0 include access to frames by name (window.frames)? 2006-04-04 Window
ISSUE-61 CLOSED Should the Window spec drop any conformance requirements for AbstractViews besides the defaultView? 2006-04-04 Window
ISSUE-62 CLOSED Should the Window spec drop any conformance requirements for AbstractViews besides the defaultView? 2006-04-04 Window
ISSUE-63 CLOSED Should Window 1.0 drop the arguably redundant requirment on UIEvent.view? 2006-04-04 Window
ISSUE-64 CLOSED Should the Window spec define Window's place in DOM event flow? 2006-04-04 Window
ISSUE-65 CLOSED Should Window spec add parentWindow property to documents? 2006-04-04 Window
ISSUE-66 CLOSED should Documents that aren't being presented be required to have a null defaultView? 2006-04-04 Window
ISSUE-67 CLOSED Should resolution of relative URI references sent to location be defined in JS bindings or generally? 2006-04-04 Window
ISSUE-68 CLOSED What to do about window.location.toString()? 2006-04-04 Window
ISSUE-69 CLOSED Should Location.reload() take an optional bool argument to force reload? 2006-04-04 Window
ISSUE-70 CLOSED what to do about window timers? 2006-04-04 Window
ISSUE-71 CLOSED setRequestHeader has too many header restrictions 2006-04-06 XMLHttpRequest
ISSUE-72 CLOSED should XMLHttpRequest be an EventTarget? 2006-04-06 XMLHttpRequest
ISSUE-73 CLOSED Are we going to support non-ECMAScript languages? 2006-04-06 XMLHttpRequest
ISSUE-74 CLOSED Methods in XMLHttpRequest 2006-04-06 XMLHttpRequest
ISSUE-75 CLOSED Is method case-sensitive? 2006-04-06 XMLHttpRequest
ISSUE-76 CLOSED Should window participate in event propagation 2006-04-12 Window
ISSUE-77 CLOSED DOM3EV: Effect of evt.currentTarget.add/removeEL 2006-04-19 DOM 3 Events
ISSUE-78 CLOSED relatedEvent for mousewheel events doesn't work well 2006-05-02 DOM 3 Events
ISSUE-80 CLOSED Default Content-Type header for POST (and other) requests 2006-05-03 XMLHttpRequest
ISSUE-81 CLOSED What should detail be for dblclick events? 2006-05-07 DOM 3 Events
ISSUE-82 CLOSED should Anne's proposed even click count rule for dblclick be a normative requirement? 2006-05-07 DOM 3 Events
ISSUE-83 CLOSED Encoding of send data 2006-05-14 XMLHttpRequest
ISSUE-84 CLOSED DOM3EV: partial custom mouse wheel scrolling 2006-06-27 DOM 3 Events
ISSUE-85 CLOSED Where to define XPathNSResolver? 2006-09-19 Selectors API
ISSUE-86 CLOSED Throw INVALID_STATE_ERR everywhere, don't or some mix? 2006-09-20 XMLHttpRequest
ISSUE-87 CLOSED invoking open() when readyState is not 0, 1 or 4 2006-09-20 XMLHttpRequest
ISSUE-88 CLOSED AJAX (and serious use of javascript in general) b0rks history, bookmarks, etc 2006-09-21 All
ISSUE-90 CLOSED passwd seems underdefined in RFC2617 2006-09-22 XMLHttpRequest
ISSUE-91 CLOSED Invoking send() multiple times is undefined 2006-09-24 XMLHttpRequest
ISSUE-92 CLOSED Invoking setRequestHeader() after send() is possible 2006-09-24 XMLHttpRequest
ISSUE-93 CLOSED Objects created in windows that are then 2006-09-25 XMLHttpRequest
ISSUE-94 CLOSED Objects created in windows that are then 2006-09-25 XMLHttpRequest
ISSUE-96 CLOSED What happens if a Node StaticNodeList points to no longer exists? 2006-10-22 Selectors API
ISSUE-98 CLOSED open(): requesting a URI with a fragment identifier 2006-10-29 XMLHttpRequest
ISSUE-99 CLOSED open(): requesting a URI with a fragment identifier 2006-10-29 XMLHttpRequest
ISSUE-101 CLOSED Network errors for sync requests 2006-11-12 XMLHttpRequest
ISSUE-102 CLOSED CSS selectors for namespace prefixes 2006-11-14 Selectors API
ISSUE-103 CLOSED Does progress event bubble / is it cancelable 2007-01-07 Progress Event
ISSUE-104 CLOSED Value of progress event total when it cannot be determined 2007-01-07 Progress Event
ISSUE-105 CLOSED Do we need an uploadProgress? 2007-01-07 Progress Event
ISSUE-106 CLOSED Should Progress be required to fire? 2007-01-27 Progress Event
ISSUE-107 CLOSED Is there a required frequency for progress events? 2007-01-27 Progress Event
ISSUE-108 CLOSED Do progress total/loaded measure body content only, or include respose headers etc.? 2007-01-28 Progress Event
ISSUE-109 CLOSED Do loaded/total count the bytes transferred with encodings applied or not? 2007-01-28 Progress Event
ISSUE-110 CLOSED Do we need a singular method for getting just one element 2007-01-28 Selectors API
ISSUE-111 CLOSED Should we define how to deal with multiple invocations or defer to initEvent/NS ? 2007-01-28 Progress Event
ISSUE-112 CLOSED Should progress run a UI or rely on other stuff too? 2007-02-10 Progress Event
ISSUE-113 CLOSED How do we represent HTTP POST? 2007-03-08 Progress Event
ISSUE-114 CLOSED Return Values from NSResolver 2007-04-02 Selectors API
ISSUE-117 CLOSED Should progress include a stalled event? 2007-07-31 Progress Event
ISSUE-118 CLOSED Cancel / bubble Arg definitions 2007-07-31 Progress Event
ISSUE-119 CLOSED Should lengthComputable and total have names that start the same 2007-07-31 Progress Event
ISSUE-122 CLOSED ALT + key combination in DOM3 Events 2008-02-26 DOM 3 Events