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Agenda for 14 Apr 2003 TAG teleconference

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Note: The Chair does not expect the agenda to change after close of business (Boston time) Thursday of this week.

1. Administrative (30min)

  1. Confirm Chair, Scribe
  2. Accept 7 Apr teleconference minutes?
  3. Accept this agenda?
  4. Next meeting: 21 April?

1.1 Meeting planning

1.2 W3C Track Presentation

1.3 TAG report at AC meeting

  1. Completed action IJ 2003/04/07: Report to mtg organizer TBL constraint on slot for TAG report, then report back to TAG on revised slot (11:30-12:30).
  2. Suggestions for TAG presentation at May AC Meeting from DO and PC

1.4 Completed action items

  1. Action IJ 2003/04/07: Send out summary of TAG activity.

2. Technical (60min)

2.1 Issues the TAG intends to discuss

2.2 Architecture document

See also: findings.

  1. 26 Mar 2003 Working Draft of Arch Doc:
    1. Action DC 2003/02/06: Attempt a redrafting of 1st para under 2.2.4 of 6 Feb 2003 draft
    2. Action DC 2003/01/27: write two pages on correct and incorrect application of REST to an actual web page design
    3. Action DO 2003/01/27: Please send writings regarding Web services to tag@w3.org. DO grants DC license to cut and paste and put into DC writing.
    4. Action DC 2003/03/17: : Write some text for interactions chapter of arch doc related to message passing, a dual of shared state.

2.3 Issues that have associated action items

3. Other actions

Ian Jacobs for Norm Walsh and TimBL
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