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Results of Questionnaire Registration for Workshop on W3C's Voice biometrics and VoiceXML 3.0

The results of this questionnaire are available to anybody. In addition, answers are sent to the following email address: member-sivws-pc@w3.org

This questionnaire was open from 2009-02-05 to 2009-03-05.

16 answers have been received.

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  1. Contact Information
  2. Attendance
  3. Letter of invitation
  4. Meals
  5. Dinner
  6. General Comments

1. Contact Information

Please fill out the following form and provide your information. We need this information to get the ID badge to enter the meeting place.


Responder Your Name:Affiliation:Job title:Nationality:
Kazuyuki Ashimura Kazuyuki Ashimura W3C Voice & MMI Activity Lead Japan
Homayoon Beigi Homayoon Beigi Recognition Technologies, Inc. President American
Judith Markowitz Judith Markowitz J. Markowitz, Consultants President US
Jim Larson Jim LaRSON Larson Technical Services Vice President USA
Bruce Balentine Bruce Balentine EIG EVP USA
Ingmar Kliche Ingmar Kliche Deutsche Telekom AG, Laboratories Project Manager German
Ross Summerfield Ross Summerfield Centrelink Manager Australian
Johnson Chuck Chuck Johnson iBiometrics, Inc. Architect American
Catherine Tilton Cathy Tilton Daon VP, Standards & Technology USA
Kenneth Rehor Ken Rehor Cisco Systems, Inc. USA
Valene Skerpac Valene Skerpac iBiometrics, Inc. President American
Daniel Burnett Dan Burnett Voxeo Director of Speech Technologies USA
RJ Auburn RJ Auburn Voxeo CTO USA
JP Shipherd JP Shipherd Nuance Verifier, Product Manager USA
Frankie James Frankie James GM Staff Researcher US
Alfred Tom Alfred Tom General Motors Advanced Technology Researcher USA

2. Attendance

Will you attend the workshop on 5-6 March, 2009?

Note. Please note in the comment field if you will only be attending part of the meeting (for example if you need to arrive late or leave early due to flight schedules).


ChoiceAll responders
yes 16


Responder AttendanceComments
Kazuyuki Ashimura yes
Homayoon Beigi yes
Judith Markowitz yes
Jim Larson yes
Bruce Balentine yes
Ingmar Kliche yes
Ross Summerfield yes
Johnson Chuck yes
Catherine Tilton yes I cannot attend on the 5th, only the 6th.
Kenneth Rehor yes
Valene Skerpac yes
Daniel Burnett yes
RJ Auburn yes Hope to attend on the 6th but schedule may not permit.
JP Shipherd yes
Frankie James yes
Alfred Tom yes I will be only attending part of the meeting, although my exact schedule is TBD.

3. Letter of invitation

Do you need letter of invitation to visit US?

If so, please fill out the form in the Logistics page and send it to <ashimura@w3.org> ASAP.

Note. Obtaining a visa to visit US can be a time-consuming process. We strongly encourage you to begin the process asap to avoid visa problems when entering US for the workshop.


ChoiceAll responders
no 16


Responder Letter of invitation
Kazuyuki Ashimura no
Homayoon Beigi no
Judith Markowitz no
Jim Larson no
Bruce Balentine no
Ingmar Kliche no
Ross Summerfield no
Johnson Chuck no
Catherine Tilton no
Kenneth Rehor no
Valene Skerpac no
Daniel Burnett no
RJ Auburn no
JP Shipherd no
Frankie James no
Alfred Tom no

4. Meals

Please let us know about your meal requirements.


ChoiceAll responders
I'll eat anything. 13
I have dietary restriction. (Please name them below.) 3


Responder Meals
Kazuyuki Ashimura I'll eat anything.
Homayoon Beigi I'll eat anything.
Judith Markowitz I have dietary restriction. (Please name them below.) no red meat, chicken, or turkey
I do eat seafood
Jim Larson I have dietary restriction. (Please name them below.) Diabetic (low sugar, low fat)
Bruce Balentine I'll eat anything.
Ingmar Kliche I'll eat anything.
Ross Summerfield I'll eat anything.
Johnson Chuck I'll eat anything.
Catherine Tilton I'll eat anything.
Kenneth Rehor I'll eat anything.
Valene Skerpac I'll eat anything.
Daniel Burnett I'll eat anything.
RJ Auburn I'll eat anything.
JP Shipherd I'll eat anything.
Frankie James I'll eat anything.
Alfred Tom I have dietary restriction. (Please name them below.) no meat (seafood or vegetarian)

5. Dinner

Will you join the dinner on Thursday, 5 March? If so, please describe how many people will attend including yourself in the comment field.

Note. Unfortunately, the organizer can not fund the dinner, but will be happy to take you to some nice restaurant close by and help you to order dishes.


ChoiceAll responders
yes 13
no 3


Responder Dinner
Kazuyuki Ashimura yes
Homayoon Beigi yes
Judith Markowitz yes
Jim Larson yes Carol and I will attend
Bruce Balentine yes
Ingmar Kliche yes I will be on my own
Ross Summerfield yes 1 person (me)
Johnson Chuck yes
Catherine Tilton no
Kenneth Rehor yes 1
Valene Skerpac yes
Daniel Burnett yes Just myself
RJ Auburn no
JP Shipherd yes
Frankie James no unsure
Alfred Tom yes 1

6. General Comments

If you have any comments or requests e.g. accessibility accommodations, please describe that in the comment field.


Responder General Comments
Kazuyuki Ashimura
Homayoon Beigi
Judith Markowitz
Jim Larson
Bruce Balentine
Ingmar Kliche
Ross Summerfield
Johnson Chuck
Catherine Tilton
Kenneth Rehor
Valene Skerpac
Daniel Burnett
RJ Auburn Legal name on passport/ID is RJ Burnham.
JP Shipherd
Frankie James
Alfred Tom

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