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Agenda for 29 July 2002 TAG teleconference

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Note: The Chair does not expect the agenda to change after close of business (Boston time) Thursday of this week.

1. Administrative (15min)

  1. Confirm scribe
  2. Roll call. Regrets: NW, SW. Possible regrets: DO, PC
  3. Accept 22 July minutes
  4. Accept this agenda
  5. Next meeting? Proposed 5 Aug.
  6. Confirm status of completed actions
  7. Confirm status of withdrawn actions [None]
  8. September meeting arrangements

    Action TB: Send info about hotels to TAG.

1.2 Completed actions?

  1. ACTION RF 2002/06/24: Write a paragraph on technical and political aspects of URIs and URI References. (done)
  2. Action DC 2002/07/08: Propose text for section 1.1 (URI Schemes). Done, see URI FAQ.
  3. Update and publish these findings as accepted. Action IJ and NW (done).
    1. Using QNames as Identifiers
    2. Consistency of Formatting Property Names, Values, and Semantics

2. Technical (75min)

2.1 Findings in progress, architecture document (45min)

See also: findings.

  1. Architecture document
    1. Action CL 2002/07/08: Propose text for section 2 (Formats). Deadline 30 July.
    2. Action DC 2002/07/08: Ask Michael Mealing when IETF decided not to use HTTP URis to name protocols. Awaiting reply.
    3. Action DC: 2002/07/15: Generate tables of URI scheme props from RDF. (Take another stab?)
    4. Action IJ 2002/07/08: Produce WD of Arch Doc. Harvest from DanC's URI FAQ. Deadline 30 August.
  2. Internet Media Type registration, consistency of use.

2.2 Priority issues (30min)

  1. httpRange-14: Need to make progress here to advance in Arch Document. See thread started by Tim Bray.
    1. Action SW 2002/07/22: Persuade TimBL to write an exposition of his position on httpRange-14.

      SW: I spoke to TimBL.

  2. RFC3023Charset-21:
  3. Status of URIEquivalence-15. Relation to Character Model of the Web (chapter 4)? See text from TimBL on URI canonicalization and email from Martin in particular. See more comments from Martin.
    1. What should a finding look like for this?
  4. Status of discussions with WSA WG about SOAP/WSDL/GET/Query strings?
  5. xlinkScope-23
    1. Priority of this?
  6. augmentedInfoset-22:
  7. deepLinking-25
    1. Action PC 2002/07/22: Ask Henrik Frystyk Nielsen to provide us with a precis of the ruling. Done: awaiting reply from Henrik.
  8. uriMediaType-9: Status of negotiation with IETF? See message from DanC.

2.3 New issues?

Ian Jacobs, for TimBL
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