Workshop on Web Characterization

Scope of the Workshop

The Web is continuing to develop. But still, we know relatively little about how and why, especially when it comes to actual usage. There is considerable interest in finding this out, both from academic communities, from the advertising community, and from product developers such as web server and cache proxy developers.

The W3C will initiate an activity to create user models, modelling tools, and measurement techniques for user behaviour on the web. This work will take in regard the privacy concerns working with log files implies.

The Web Characterization Activity (WCA) is intended to commence with a workshop in Cambridge, Massachusetts, on November 5, 1998.

Thus, particular topics to be discussed at this workshop include, but are not limited to:

As an accompanying measure for preparing discussions at the workshop, a public mailing list for discussion of the web characterization is created. To subscribe, send mail to and put the word "subscribe" in the subject line.

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	Jim Pitkow,

	Xerox Corporation

	Palo Alto Research Center

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	Henrik Frystyk-Nielsen,

	World Wide Web Consortium

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	Johan Hjelm, W3C/Ericsson, and

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	World Wide Web Consortium

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Program Committee

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Henrik Frystyk Nielsen


Jim Gettys

W3C / Compaq

Johan Hjelm

W3C / Ericsson

Paul Barford

Boston University, Oceans Group (IE)

Ed Fox and Marc Abrams

Virginia Tech Network Research Group (IE)

Jim Pitkow

Xerox PARC

Margo Seltzer

Harvard College Vino Research Group (IE)


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	Renaud Bruyeron,

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