Full list of position papers for the W3C Web Characterisation Workshop

(In alphabetical order)

Ghaleb Abdulla: Web Traffic Characterization and Information Delivery

Paul Barford et al. (Boston University, Oceans group): Boston University's OCEANS Group Position Paper

Pei Cao, University of Wisconsin: Characterization of Web Proxy Traffic and Wisconsin Proxy Benchmark 2.0

Spencer Dawkins, Nortel: Position Paper

Fred Douglis, AT&T: Rate of Change in the Web

Anja Feldmann, AT&T: Continuous online extraction of HTTP traces from packet traces

Andrew Fry, Free Range Technologies: Statistical Analysis and Reporting as Applied to Unique Characteristics of Streamed Media 

Katherine Guo, Lucent Bell Labs: Proposal for Collecting Access Statistics for Continuous Media Access on the WWW

Solom Heddaya, InfoLibria: Network-Centric Measurement of Caching

Johan Hjelm, W3C/Ericsson: How do we know they are mobile?

Markus Hoffman, Katharina Guo, Bell Labs: Proposal for Collecting Access Statistics for Continuous Media Access on the WWW

Zhen Liu, INRIA Mistral Group: Position paper

Ilan Kinreich, RadView: Position Paper for the W3C Workshop on Web Characterization

Jon Kleinberg et al: Structural Analysis of the World Wide Web

Balachander Krishnamurty et al: HTTP 1.0 Logs Considered Harmful

Balachander Krishnamurty et al: Software Issues in Characterizing Web Server Logs

Eric Nahum, IBM: WWW Workload Characterization Work at IBM Research

Ed O'Niell, OCLC: Characterizing the Web and Web-Accessible Information

Chris Roadknight, BT: Position paper

Ed Siegel, Keynote Systems: Keynote and its commercial products

Thomas Wierlemann, T-Mobil: Performance of TCP/IP and its Application Protocols over Narrowband Bearers with high Latency

Craig Wills, Worcester Polytechnic Institute: Characterizing Web Resources and Server Responses to Better Understand the Potential of Caching

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