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Might also be called "Why Wiki Sucks" (but not in the mild sense of PPR:WikiSucks).

No, this is about why people don't like Wiki.

One comment: It has no begin, no end. It's like a big and very poorly organized website.

  The response here might be
      Intertwingularity is not generally acknowledged -- people keep pretending they can make things deeply               hierarchical, categorizable and sequential when they can't. Everything is deeply intertwingled. 
              -- Ted Nelson

It is important that each Wiki page work as an entry page, but how can you give a nice hierarchical view to an evolving mass of knowledge?

See PoorMansHypertext of course, and MoinMoinToDo.

My personal WikiPain is when I type a lot in an Opera window and my emacs fingers type ctl-w, which tells Opera to without warning instantly discard all my text. This is not really Wiki's fault. If I used an emacs browser, I'd be fine. -- SandroHawke