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This is the meeting page for the Web Applications WG (WebApps) Web Components meeting in Mountain View CA US on Tuesday 21 July 2015.

Please register for the meeting before 14 July.


The meeting will take place in Mountain View, California. The SFO and SJC are the two airports you should be considering for travel - although OAK is sometimes a good option for price.

Directions to meeting room:

  • Take the Rengstorff/ Amphitheatre Parkway exit from US-101 (either direction) - head north (right turn from the southbound US-101 exit; from northbound 101, it feeds you northbound already.)
  • Get in the right lane and take a right turn at Charleston.
  • Go past the light at Landings, then take a right at the "Landmark at Shoreline" sign (which is also the other end of Landings Drive.  :) :
landmark at shoreline sign
  • Go a couple hundred meters and you'll see a Streetview car parked on the lawn:
streetview car parked in front of building
  • Park, and then You need to check in at the visitor center around the corner to the left (in 1901 Landings/LMK3) before going to LMK2.
  • 'The conference room is "Diller" in LMK2/1881, right behind the Streetview car. There's a door into it from the outside:
Conf room door

Alternately: Use Google maps to navigate you there: https://www.google.com/maps/place/1901+Landings+Dr,+Mountain+View,+CA+94043.  :)

Meeting Logistics

  • Meeting Host = Google
  • IRC channel = #webapps; irc.w3.org
  • Date = July 21 2015
  • Time = Start time 10:00AM PST; Breakfast is available starting at 9:30. See agenda below. Tentative end time 5:00PM.
  • Location = Building LMK2 on the Google Mountain View Campus, 1881 Landings Drive, Mountain View CA 94043
  • Meeting Room = "Diller" conference room in LMK2 (aka 1881 Landings Drive).
  • Phone Conference Bridge: WebEx meeting:


  • Intros, Overview, Objective/Key Results, Work Mode
  • Review Contentious Bits
  • Discuss Opinions on Contentious Bits
  • 12pm -- Lunch -- We have a reservation at the Google cafe across the street.
  • Present/Discuss Proposals
  • Carryover Discussion or Shadow DOM Discussion

The agenda will be developed as the meeting approaches, and finally determined at the meeting itself.

The goal will be to determine points on which we have a strong consensus, and discuss outstanding issues to determine whether we can find a consensus or identify the steps needed to try and reach one.

This page will be updated as details are confirmed.