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This is the Meeting Page including Agenda for the Web Applications WG (WebApps) Web Components meeting in Mountain View CA US on Friday 24 April 2015.



Summary of discussion on Contentious Bits

The data in the following table was copied from the Summary of contentious bits document.

Contention Point Apple Mozilla Microsoft Google Resolution
A. Multiple Shadow Roots Remove, replace with slots Remove for v1 Remove if contentious in v1 Remove for v1 Remove
B. Default value of closed shadow root Prefer: default to closed; require explicit choice; default to open; only open (Same preference order as Apple) Questions about implications; want "closed + isolated", not sure if we also need a "simple" closed mode Need closd but not isolated, prefer open by default; will give up on this if there's consensus otherwise Will have both open and closed in v1, must be explicitly declared
C. The imperative distribution API Want this, but not required for v1; want to discuss distribution model for v1 so we don't foreclose good design for v2 Want this, but could wait until v2 API can probably wait until v2 API can probably wait until v2 Ryosuke/Dimitri will drive a proposal by July 13
D. Separate Event Retargeting Should be separated, don't have strong feelings about the default, should decide in v1 Should be an option in v1 tied to open/closed Want to clarify retargetting, not sure if retargetting is sufficient Okay with this, but haven't seen the need no separation--always retarget. event.path becomes event.deepPath modulo closed shadow tree nodes, event.pathThingy reflects local tree/document
E. Shadow boundary-piercing combinators Must not work in closed mode; think named parts is better model Would like to postpone piercing to v2 Would like a named parts model Think piercing was a mistake, should be removed Remove
F. Slots Proposal Proposed it Like it Like it Opposed Blocked on C

General Documents and References

Web Components Documents and References

Historical details

Initial Agenda

  • Intros, Overview, Objective/Key Results, Work Mode
  • State of Consensus: Review/Rank Contentions Bits, Collect proposals
  • Discuss Differing Opinions on Contentious Bits
  • Lunch'
  • Present and Discuss Proposals, Create Action Items and Designate Champions
  • Carryover Discussion or Custom Elements Discussion

Meeting Logistics

  • Meeting Host = Google
  • IRC channel = #webapps; irc.w3.org
  • Date = April 24 2015
  • Time = Start time 9:00AM PST; Breakfast is available starting at 8:30. See agenda below. Tentative end time 5:00PM.
  • Location = Building LMK2 on the Google Mountain View Campus, 1881 Landings Drive, Mountain View CA 94043
  • Meeting Room = "Diller" conference room in LMK2 (aka 1881 Landings Drive).
  • Phone Conference Bridge: W3C's Zakim Bridge will be used if needed. +1.617.761.6200; see also Zakim SIP Bridge; PIN = 9274#

Directions to meeting room:

  • Take the Rengstorff/ Amphitheatre Parkway exit from US-101 (either direction) - head north (right turn from the southbound US-101 exit; from northbound 101, it feeds you northbound already.)
  • Get in the right lane and take a right turn at Charleston.
  • Go past the light at Landings, then take a right at the "Landmark at Shoreline" sign (which is also the other end of Landings Drive.  :) :
landmark at shoreline sign
  • Go a couple hundred meters and you'll see a Streetview car parked on the lawn:
streetview car parked in front of building
  • Park, and then You need to check in at the visitor center around the corner to the left (in 1901 Landings/LMK3) before going to LMK2.
  • 'The conference room is "Diler" in LMK2/1881, right behind the Streetview car. There's a door into it from the outside:
Conf room door

Alternately: Use Google maps to navigate you there: https://www.google.com/maps/place/1901+Landings+Dr,+Mountain+View,+CA+94043.  :)