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File API LC Commentary for 12 September 2013 Draft

This document consists of the LC commentary submitted on the File API's 12 September 2013 Last Call Working Draft, published at TR/FileAPI.

Feedback is submitted over the public-webapps listserv or via the W3C Bugzilla "File API" component; you can browse all the known bugs, and submit a new bug. The LC Commentary Period is till 24 October 2013.

Feedback Submitted Via Action Taken
onerror event vs. setting of error attribute Email Fixed bug 23451
Status bar display in anchors should reflect blob:URL Email WONTFIX. This falls out of the purview of the File API
"File Save As" ought to use filename Email Fixed bug 23450
Blob URL should ignore query string Email REOPENED bug 23431
Change spec. text about blob.close() definition Bug 23416 Fixed.
slice method syntax error in spec. Bug 23319 Fixed.
error in WebIDL fragments Bug 23310 Fixed.
Make signatures of File and Blob Constructors the same Off-list email Fixed bug bug 23479; editor's draft at http://dev.w3.org/2006/webapi/FileAPI/#dfn-file
Remove WebIDL Date Object Dependency Bug 23853 REOPENED.
Add a FileList.drop(index) method Bug 17125 No intention to fix; will slot for a future specification. (This bug was filed before the LC was published)
Proposal for File Interface changes (section 7.2) Email No intention to take action; email sent by way of response.
Proposal for several new event handlers (section 8.3) Email No intention to take action; email sent by way of response.