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This is an archived WebSchemas proposal Reservations for schema.org. See Proposals listing for more. Note: active schema.org development is now based at github

This page tracks a proposal to extend schema.org's vocabulary for describing reservations. It is independent from, and complementary to, the work to add support for Actions.

Overview (extracted from the pdf)

"This proposal includes new types for describing reservations and tickets. A generalized Reservation type described, as well as sub­types for flight, train, bus, car, restaurant, event and hotel reservations. An additional type ReservationPackage is also proposed, which should be used to group complex reservations (e.g. flights with multiple legs, itineraries with a flight and a hotel) under a single item. "


Schema.org partners have agreed on a final design:


See PDF for details. The core vocabulary additions/changes are, roughly:

  • Thing > Reservation
  • Thing > Enumeration > ReservationStatus
  • Thing > ProgramMembership
  • Thing > Reservation > ReservationPackage
  • Thing > Reservation > EventReservation
  • Thing > Reservation > FlightReservation
  • Thing > Flight
  • Thing > Reservation > FoodEstablishmentReservation
  • Thing > Reservation > TrainReservation
  • Thing >TrainTrip
  • Thing > Reservation > BusReservation
  • Thing > BusTrip
  • Thing > Reservation > RentalCarReservation
  • Thing > Product > Car > RentalCar
  • Thing > Product > Car
  • Thing > Reservation >LodgingReservation

Explanatory notes

The fact that Reservation and Ticket both have an "underName" property can be confusing in situations where the reservation is for a single ticket. The intent of duplicating was where multiple people are traveling under a single reservation; for example a parent with child.