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Every 6 weeks or so, an edition of the WaW is published on the WaSP website.

Current Questions Posed by the WaSP

  • "How can we include Flash, video and sound files in our Web documents in a backward-compatible yet compliant way?"

Editorial Status of Questions in Progress

Past issues

Past issues are published on the WaSP learn site and also indexed in the W3C's QA Library

WaW Process

For each issue:

  1. the WaSP comes up with a question that is posed to the W3C QA group
  2. the W3C QA group compose a draft of a complete answer
  3. between the two teams (usually one main contact person per issue on both sides), a couple of rounds of minor editing take place
  4. WaSP Learn reviews article internally (informally)
  5. WaSP Learn publishes article and announces it to the Buzz