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This wiki is the Home Page or Table of Contents for the Revising W3C Process Community Group. There is also a wiki specific to that Community Group.

The CG's Chair is Charles McCathie Nevile.

This document is a WorkInProgress and as such, could change at any time. This wiki and all of its sub contents are Community Property and as such, everyone is encouraged to update and add to its contents.

CG Decision Making

On 2014 June 12, Chaals proposed W3Process group use the following decision making process.

Status: under discussion

  • Anyone who wants a decision declared by the CG can make a Call for Consensus (CfC).
  • The CfC should be proposed in an email, with "CfC:" or "Call for Consensus" in the subject line.
  • There should be a clear statement of the resolution that will be adopted, assuming it achieves consensus. I.e. there should be a literal statement.
  • The time allowed for response should be at least two weeks.
  • Discussion of the proposal should not be in the same thread as saying "I agree", or "I disagree", or "I abstain" - to make it easy to determine what is an actual "vote".
  • At the end of the time available for response, the Chair will declare a consensus, or a large majority, if one is apparent.


  • CG charter: [@TBD] Does this CG have a charter?