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The Revising W3C Process Community Group is deputized by the AB to edit the W3C Process Document—which is essentially the document that governs how W3C produces standards. We prepare a revision under the AB’s guidance every year in response to issues to submit to the AC for approval.

The CG's Chair is David Singer.


  • CG charter: [@TBD] Does this CG have a charter?

CG Decision Making

On 2014 June 12, Chaals proposed W3Process group use the following decision making process.

Status: under discussion

  • Anyone who wants a decision declared by the CG can make a Call for Consensus (CfC).
  • The CfC should be proposed in an email, with "CfC:" or "Call for Consensus" in the subject line.
  • There should be a clear statement of the resolution that will be adopted, assuming it achieves consensus. I.e. there should be a literal statement.
  • The time allowed for response should be at least two weeks.
  • Discussion of the proposal should not be in the same thread as saying "I agree", or "I disagree", or "I abstain" - to make it easy to determine what is an actual "vote".
  • At the end of the time available for response, the Chair will declare a consensus, or a large majority, if one is apparent.