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TTML Working Group F2F meeting Monday 11 and Friday 15 November 2013 in Shenzen China

See the TPAC Detailed schedule page here for timing and location details.

Monday 11th November

Session time: 0830-1800. Location: Taishan Hall, 3F, Building A

Friday 15th November

Session time: 0800-1500. Location: Taishan Hall, 3F, Building A


Suggestions for agenda were added to the Discussion page prior to the meeting. The agenda is now here (below)


  • Add Issue references to each agenda topic
  • Prioritise agenda topics
  • Plan rough timings and which topic items will be covered on which day

Agenda items covered on Monday (minutes here)

Approve Agenda [Chair]

Profiles and versions [Glenn Adams]

  • ISSUE-276: ttp:version vs ttp:profile vs ttp:contentProfile
  • ISSUE-280: Add ability to define a profile from multiple profiles.
  • ISSUE-266: add ability for instance documents to declare what profile(s) it conforms to
  • ISSUE-263: profile feature set may not match intended feature constraints
  • ISSUE-261: signaling document profile conformance is separate from decoder presentation requirements
  • ISSUE-206: Add ttp:profileCombination parameter
  • ISSUE-297: Include Profile Designator in Profile Definition Document

Readability [NM]

  • ISSUE-285: Presentation :: Readability issues :: Line-based functions such as multiRowAlign
  • ISSUE-286: Presentation :: Readability issues :: Row based padding, Background drawing
  • ISSUE-283: Deterministic text wrapping and presentation
  • ISSUE-294: Shrink text to fit
  • ISSUE-273: Map fontFamily to external font file resources

Distribution [NM]

  • ISSUE-288: Rules for splitting and accumulating documents
  • ISSUE-270: Appendix N assumption that root temporal extent corresponds with the beginning of a related media object

IMSC [PAL] (120 mins?)

  • ISSUE-158: background images
  • ISSUE-238: smpte:backgroundImage
  • ISSUE-179: Interpreting the pixel measure

Agenda items for Friday 0830-1800 (Minutes here)

The agenda items below relate to P1 (or occasionally P2) issues as assigned on 24/10/2013, filtered to include those that will benefit from face to face discussion.

Introductions [Chair] (15 mins?)

Animate [Glenn Adams] (0845-0930)

  • ISSUE-72: Smooth scrolling by means of reference area offset
  • ISSUE-22: window fade in/out not supported?
  • ISSUE-227: <p> fade-up and –down
  • ACTION-214: Review cp008 and consider reformulating the recently added <animate> support to better align http://www.w3.org/wiki/TTML/changeProposal008 ("Animation beyond <set>”)

Inline Regions [Glenn] (0930-1000)

  • ISSUE-176: Adding support for extent and origin attributes on block elements
  • ACTION-215: Specify special semantics for tts:{extent, origin} on content elements to map to new inline region feature

Readability and IMSC redux [NM, PAL] (1000-1030)

  • ISSUE-286: Presentation :: Readability issues :: Row based padding, Background drawing - action-234

Break 1030-1100

WebVTT [DS] (1100-1200)

Lunch 1200-1300

Converging WebVTT and TTML [NM, DS] (1300-1400)

TTWG Roadmap [NM] (1400-1500)

  • Charter revision [Philippe Le Hegaret]
  • Deliverables and timeline [NM]

Break 1500-1600

IMSC continued [PAL] (1600-1700)

Internationalisation issues:

  • ISSUE-295: Remove code point restrictions from IMSC
  • ISSUE-296: Remove xml:lang placement restrictions from IMSC
  • ISSUE-188: Bounding TTML (was: SDP-US) rendering complexity
  • ISSUE-201: How to specify aspect ratio to understand positioning that may apply for display or video.

Wrap-up [NM] (1700-1730)

  • Summary of what we've done and actions