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Some suggested topics for consideration for the agenda:

  • How to achieve deterministic display of text when rendering fonts can not be known when authoring a document
    • Readable text spacing - lineHeight="normal" multiplier based on a percentage (100%, 120%, 125% etc) of the maximum font height of the flowed-in descendant text on each row. Make this variable? Trace through the interaction between this, cellResolution and fontSize.
    • How documents can be authored safely to prevent inline or block overflow given that fonts are selected based on height not width, and that for the subtitle/caption use case it is editorially unacceptable to hide text that should be visible.
  • Row-based layout options such as ebutt:multiRowAlign - do we need them and if so how can they be implemented?
    • One option might be nested regions with relative positioning and 'shrink to contents' behaviour, e.g. a region that is centred horizontally within an absolutely positioned region and whose contents are left aligned.
  • Background painting without affecting foreground content layout - e.g. extending the 'bleed' of backgrounds either as applied to inline s or as applied to whole rows. NB this is not the same as padding! How can this be implemented?
  • TTML 2 Content Profiles
    • Issue 206
  • Review proposed resolution to Issue 176 ("adding support for extent and origin attributes (or regions) on block elements"), which defines Inline Regions for block class elements instead of attributes on p, div, etc...
  • Semantics of ttp:version
  • Achieve consensus for FPWD of Text and Image profiles
  • Work plan going forward per revised charter
  • TTML distribution of segmented TTML
  • TTML live contribution