TimedText/TTML2 Wide Review

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Guidelines for status of comments processed by the TTWG. Request for Wide and Horizontal review of TTML2 was sent on July 12th 2017 for TTML2 Wide Review Working Draft.

Comments are received on the public-tt@w3.org list <public-tt@w3.org> (archives) with a subject line starting with [TTML2], or on Github TTML2 issues.

For each comment, please fill a Github label to track status of the comment in Github TTML2 issues

Processing comment within the TTWG

(Proposed Github labels are written into square brakets)

1.1  Comment received, not yet processed by the TTWG  [WR-open]
1.2- Discussed but pending TTWG  resolution,          [WR-pending]
1.3- Done - TTWG  resolution, (approved by WG)        [WR-resolved]
1.4- Done - TTWG  resolution and spec update          [WR-spec-updated]
1.5- Done with Partial TTWG  resolution (partially approved by WG),  [WR-resolved-partial]
1.6- Done with Partial TTWG  resolution and spec update  [WR-spec-updated-partial]
1.7- Done but comment Rejected                        [WR-rejected]

For each comment, please fill the "type" : a-typo, b-editorial, c-substantive, d-general, e-undefined.

Remark: the status of each comment should be discussed during telecon, and according to each above steps a label will be assigned.

Once the TTWG has processed all comments, the next steps are

Get approval from the commenter

(Proposed Github labels are written into square brakets)

2.1- Response drafted by WG        [WR-response-drafted]
2.2- Response send to commenter    [WR-response-sent]
2.3- Response agreed by commenter  [WR-commenter-agreed]
2.4- Response rejected by commenter  (need more discussion - back to step 1.5 or closing)  [WR-commenter-rejected]
2.6- Response partially agreed by commenter (need more discussion - back to step 1.5 or closing)  [WR-commenter-agreed-partial]
2.7- No Response received from commenter within the stated period [WR-commenter-noresponse]

Remark: Once the response is drafted, Thierry will send the message to the commenter and will track his response with the appropriate label.

Once an issue as the following satus labels:

1- [WR-resolved] or [WR-resolved-partial] 2- [WR-spec-updated] or [WR-spec-updated-partial] 3- [WR-commenter-agreed] or [WR-commenter-noresponse] The issue will be closed.

Note: if the commenter refuses the WG resolution or partially refuses it: [WR-commenter-agreed-partial] or [WR-commenter-rejected] the WG can either have more discussion with the commenter find an agreement or can consider the issue closed. If closed as is, it will raise a red flag and we will need to make our case to the director during transition call to CR.

Disposition of comments

3.1- edit Disposition of comments to demonstrate Wide review for CR transition request. This should be done into Github filtering issues with labels. An automatic tool could be provided in the future.

Further and final steps for CR publication

These further steps are necessary for CR publication:

4 - TTML2 CR exit criteria resolved

5 - TTML2 CR version updated for TR (with change log)

6 - request CR publication to the director

7 - if approved by the director, Publish CR draft

8 - Draft and send call for implementation

9 - Draft and send CfE

10- Draft announcement for W3C home page and appropriate mailing lists