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The Network Interaction breakout aimed at understanding if and how application developers might obtain better information and control on the network on which their service operates.

The breakout reviewed the outcomes of the recent GSMA/IAB MaRNEW workshop and looked at various cases where this additional interaction could be applied: WebRTC optimization, network usage adaption based on user data allowance, overall optimization of radio usage.

While there was an emerging consensus that it would be useful to have a way to signal which of latency or bandwidth was most important for a given network request (either from the app or from the browser perspective), the details of the network infrastructure needed for it to happen was left to future discussions at the IETF, and its applicability to the current TCP-based protocol stack of the Web was unclear.

The overall discussions of how and when the network operator would want to accommodate more specific requests for control or information on their network from the application layer remain inconclusive on a way forward.