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There are a lot of valuable inputs during FoxEye session. Kaku filed all the issues to the github for tracking. Please feel free to join the open discussion. Let's make the Web more friendly for video processing and computer vision.

1. Decouple VideoProcessor from Workers (#30): This issue is suggested by Mathieu. I will make a new API design for decoupling from worker. I think the issue #31 might be not necessary. I believe we don't need a canvas for processor case.

2. Using worklet (#32): WebAudio will move from AudioWorker to AudioWorklet. So we might align with Audio to adopt worklet. But it's still an open question. I will implement on worker first anyway. Let's talk more on this in Github.

3. Processing offline context (#33): After talk with padenot, he suggested we might take WHATWG Streams as the carrier for offline processing case. This also an open question so far. Let's talk more on this in Github. But in Gecko implementation, we might use MSG MediaStream to implement the prototype and verify the concept first.

4. Elaborate the backpressure handling (#34) and Security Considerations (#35): We will elaborate more in the spec.

5. Re-sample the video frame rate (#36): A new use case we haven't considered yet. We thought this might be useful in offline case. So we will try to figure out how to deal with in offline processing.

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