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This wiki section is used for the development and discussion of a general logo for the Semantic Web and associated (sub-)technologies. The SWEO IG was asked by the W3C Communications Team to extend its work on a group logo and to create a design which can be used for the whole Semantic Web initiative instead.

General Approach

Several approaches to this task were discussed at the IG's 2nd F2F meeting. After a brainstorming session and initial tests, the group decided to aim at a design that could be used as a stand-alone Semantic Web logo, but also in combination with "sub-logos" such as the RDF graph triangle.

Requirements and Nice-to-Haves

The logo

  • should work stand-alone,
  • should work in combination with other icons,
  • should be scalable to small sizes,
  • should work in low resolutions and when printed in black and white,
  • should (at least indirectly) represent some values associated with the Semantic Web (see below).


The Semantic Web

  • enables integration,
  • builds on and enhances the current Web,
  • is the initial vision of the Web,
  • brings self-describing data,
  • adds structure and finer granularity.

Design Ideas

The current design proposals are based on basic shapes that are arranged to form an (abstract) "S" and a "W" as an abbreviation of "Semantic Web" and at the same time communicate semantic web values. This is still work in progress (see the SemWeb logo playground page for current drafts). Once we have an agreed-on raw design, we plan to create a set of logos and buttons that combine the logo with other elements.

Templates/Examples for Buttons and Logo Combinations

The "semweb logo goes here" box will be replaced with the final logo. Colours and sub-logos are still just experimental.

General Logos/Buttons

SweoIG$$TaskForces$$Logos$2007 05 30 1.png

Initiative/Event/Group Logos/Buttons

SweoIG$$TaskForces$$Logos$2007 05 30 2.png

Technology Logos/Buttons

SweoIG$$TaskForces$$Logos$2007 05 30 3.png

The GRDDL sub-logo was designed by Simone Onofri.

Please see the Technology Logos playground page for sub logo drafts and discussions.

Misc Logos/Buttons

SweoIG$$TaskForces$$Logos$2007 05 30 4.png

Current Potentials

Below you find a selection of logos that could work with regard to the notes above. These are still drafts, but hopefully at least one (ideally, it'll be exactly one) could be the basis for a next step. Please feel free to add comments directly below the individual images.

1) "Structures that nicely hook into each other / linked resources"

SweoIG$$TaskForces$$Logos$2007 05 30 l1b.png

2) [removed]

3) [removed]

4) "It's a Series Of Tubes!"

SweoIG$$TaskForces$$Logos$2007 05 30 l4.png

5) [removed]

6) [removed]

7) "the semweb builds on and extends the Web. Finer granularity, another dimension, etc"

SweoIG$$TaskForces$$Logos$2007 05 30 l7.png

8) [removed]

9) "a graph-y one"

SweoIG$$TaskForces$$Logos$2007 05 30 l9.png