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Coordination page for informal meetups

Those who would like to organise informal meetups before, during or after the Linked Data Planet, please state your plans and wishes here.

  • KjetilKjernsmo: I'm coming to NYC at around 4pm on Sunday. I'm planning to go out and buy a digital SLR camera while in NYC, but the rest of the time, I'd like to spend on semweb hacking. Code demos are most interesting, but also just hanging out and chat. In particular, I'm curious to see how people are getting good performance from their applications, how data is used to create UIs, and if anybody is semweb-enabling existing web publishing frameworks.
  • GregoryWilliams: Planning on coming down on Tuesday morning, and then being around for several days after the conference to hang out and hack (I live 3 hours away, so my schedule is very flexible).
  • Kingsley Idehen: Arriving Sunday, and should be trackable online (via IRC or Skype)
  • Andreas Blumauer: Arriving Saturday afternoon (staying at http://www.podhotel.com/), leaving on Thursday.
  • Ted Thibodeau: I'll be around from mid-morning Monday through late Wednesday evening.
  • TomHeath: getting in Monday lunchtime, then around for the whole conference and a couple of days of sightseeing afterwards.