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What mime types are supported? For example: Does RDF have to be served as application/rdf+xml in order to be accepted by the browser? What flavours of RDF are supported? (rdf/xml, n3, RDFa, etc.) Are semantics extracted from non-rdf sources? (microformats, meta-tags, etc.) Does the browser make use of an index? What is the caching policy?
Tabulator 'text/n3', 'text/rdf+n3', 'application/x-turtle' and 'text/turtle' rdf/xml, n3 and RDFa (RDFa support is experimental, and does not handle very large documents) No Yes All the triples seen per browser session are cached
OpenLink Data Explorer
Zitgist Dataviewer
sig.ma RDF, RDFa Yes. Microformats Yes
Tecweb Explorator