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The 6th European Semantic Web Conference, 2009

Conference Dates:
Conference Homepage:

Get together

Wednesday, 3 June, gather at the Aldemar Knossos Royal Village from 4:30pm to 6pm at the Conference Hall 1 (the big room).


  • MichaelHausenblas will be around at ESWC arriving on 30 May (Saturday) and leaving on 5 June (Friday), staying at the Aldemar Royal Mare Village (mhausenblas on #swig and Skype)
  • OlafHartig will be at ESWC from May, 30 to June, 6
  • ChrisBizer arrived Saturday, will stay till Friday
  • AndreasBlumauer will be leaving on 5 June (Friday), staying at the Annabelle Village (blumauerpunkt on Skype)
  • TomHeath: here all week, cerealtom on freenode, if I can get a connection :)
  • HaraldSack will be around from Saturday till Friday, staying at the Aldemar Royal Mare Village (lysander07 on Skype and Twitter)
  • HughGlaser won't be around at all (Marking at home :-( ) (hugh_glaser on skype)
  • BernhardHaslhofer arrived Sunday, stay till Thursday
  • MatthewRowe will be at ESWC till 5th June (mattroweshow on twitter, laconica and skype)