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Kingsley suggested a gathering of the Linking Open Data project at WWW2007 in Banff

Date, Time, Location, Format

Topics for Discussion / "Agenda Items"

Moderator: Kingsley Idehen

1. Linked Data Principles revisited (TimBernersLee)

2. Linking Open Data Project Update (ChrisBizer) - Slides

3. Linking Data Demos (DISCO, OpenLink RDF Browser, Tabulator)

4. Potluck demo by DavidHuynh ?

5. Sindice demo by GiovanniTummarello

6. Questions and Answers

See SWIG chump, #swig IRC logs.

Todos (Post Session Discussions): What are the most important things to do next?

  • Which datasets to RDF-ize and link next
  • Which other communities should be engaged into the project
    • Upcoming conferences with GRDDL-happy schedules etc.:
      • XTech
      • Semantic Technologies conference
  • Upcoming conferences with RDF data...
  • Licensing issues with republishing datasets?
  • Organizing the movement

Some Photos from the Meeting

Some Photos from the Meeting on Flickr

Yes! I want to get together in Banff and talk about Linking Open Data...

(also Brian Kelly and Glen Newton will be there)