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a place for SWAD-E Community Portal Demonstrator Team (as well as anybody else, of course) to place FaqIdeas

see also: SwadECommunityPortal, SwadECommunityPortalFAQ

  1. The Project
    • What is SWAD Europe?
  2. Joining the SWED
    • What if we don’t have our own Web site?
  3. The Semantic Web
    • What is the SemanticWeb?
    • What it RDF?
    • Why isn’t Google good enough?
    • Why is using RDF better than using straight XML? hmm... do we have that covered already? AnswerMe
  4. The SWED Web site
    • How will the directory keep going once the SWAD-E project ends?
    • How long will the Web site be available?
  5. Using the SWED Data & Copyright
    • Can we use the information on our Web site?
    • Who owns the copyright of the data?
  6. Security
    • What about the e-mail addresses being used for SPAM?
    • What’s to stop someone putting up false information?
  7. Technical Issues