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The Semantic Web thrives on LinkedOpenData which has been edited by individuals EditingData. This page lists sites which serve editable data

Personal Spaces

If you have a site which supports an editable web site then you can have a WebID, for example.


  • Anyone can access for read
  • Restricted ability to write
  • Supports WebDAV or SPARQL/Update (see EditingData). (Should we add FTP as an option?)

Related idea: site that allow updates using OAuth, e.g., via WebDAV, AtomPub; this allows scripts and services to have the power to update your site (even regularly) without needing your full password. --DanBri

|| Site || Protocol || URI for possible {user}'s foaf file || Issues || Other notes ||
|| [1] || WebDAV ||{user}/Public/foaf.rdf || None  (MS-Author-Via supported) || ||
|| [2] || WebDAV ||{user}/Public/foaf.rdf || None (MS-Author-Via supported)  || ||
|| [3] || WebDAV ||{user}-Public/foaf.rdf || No content-type headers! || For pay ||

See also the list FoafSites of sites which publish a (read-only) FOAF page of data you have input using the site's user interface.

Public Wiki Spaces

These sites allow anyone to write to the same space.

  • Requests for unknown files return a valid file with no triples.
  • Triples may be added, modified or deleted
|| Site || Protocol || Example URI || Issues || Other notes ||
|| DIG data wiki || SPARQL/Update || ||  || ||
|| ARC2 demo wiki || SPARQL/Update || || || ||