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This page lists benchmarks that have been designed for SPARQL, a query language for RDF acccess released by the W3C RDF Data Access Working Group - DAWG.

SPARQL query language spec
SPARQL Protocol spec
SPARQL XML results spec
SPARQL Implementation Survey

See DawgShows for online demos and services.


  • The SP2B SPARQL Performance Benchmark, provides a scalable RDF data generator and a set of benchmark queries, designed to test typical SPARQL operator constellations and RDF data access patterns.
  • Berlin SPARQL Benchmark (draft specification), provides for comparing the performance of RDF and Named Graph stores as well as RDF-mapped relational databases and other systems that expose SPARQL endpoints. Designed along an e-commerce use case. Will provide a scalable RDF data generator and a multi-threaded test driver in order to simulate multiple clients.

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