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One good use case for applying these is SWAT0.

See also: Socialwg/Social API patterns

There are a few different candidate APIs:

Accepted Candidates

At the Socialwg/2015-03-17 f2f meeting the WG resolved on only the following three candidates as explicitly accepted for consideration for development of a Social Web WG Social API. All others are dropped.

Other candidates may be considered if someone in the working group is able to provide a live demo of them of one or more User Stories.


Micropub implementations

Micropub notes

  • write only, since reads occur directly via HTTP request of URLs to HTML pages
  • currently uses widely supported application/x-www-form-urlencoded

IndieAuth - in so far as it was used as part of Micropub

HTTP GET microformats

HTTP GET microformats for read, in so far as it was used as part of and complementary with Micropub

Micropub Questions Answers

  • What standard data formats does it use? [1], just form-urlencoded key, value pairs with few examples on its wiki page — Pavlik elf (talk) 23:16, 5 March 2015 (UTC)


A derivative of See documentation.

See also:


The LDP spec can be thought of as a successor to WebDAV and Atom Protocol, as a way to turn the web into a Read-Write platform. It is simpler and more extensible than WebDAV due to its building on the unifying Semantic Web stack. It is more general that the Atom Protocol as it can build on the extensibility that comes with RDF. In either case it is designed as both of them to be general enough to be useful to any application ( see the Linked Data Protocol Primer and use cases).

SoLiD is a specific proposal for how to use LDP to address the User Stories. See

For an overview that highlights the Social Web features of LDP see Shorter description of LDP APIs presented on Social Web Working Group teleconf December 16, 2014. There are 10 known tested implementations of LDP as of January 2015.

Dropped Candidates

Apache UserGrid API


Linked Data Fragments

LDF implementations


json api implementations

  • client
    • ember-data
    • backbone-jsonapi
    • orbit.js
    • jsonapi-ios
  • server
    • over 15 implementations

Open Social Activity Streams API

Not considered as candidates




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